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Circulation Nation® offers a profound wellness breakthrough in health and wealth. A Circulation Nation® Whole Body Rejuvenation Studio can be placed in existing businesses (wellness, fitness, and beauty) via a cost-cutting, revenue and client producing method called a "fractional franchise. It's like putting a Starbucks into a Target, where Target already has the building, clients, staff, a marketing approach and reputation.

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"After 11 months of doctors, pain, and no confirmed diagnosis, Circulation Nation® alone helped me feel better. After 4 months, I lost 47 lbs. and 18 inches. I've maintained my healthy weight for over 2 years now."

- Dalinda P., Mauldin, SC

"My wife and I opened a Circulation Nation® studio in October of 2013. Our goal for the first month was to sign up 30 members. We exceeded that goal within 6 days of opening, and had 80 members by the end of our first month! I would highly recommend adding a Circulation Nation® to your existing wellness, beauty or fitness business."

- J. Powell, Simpsonville, SC

"I am adding a Circulation Nation® studio to my allergy elimination business. I have already completed training, ordered equipment, and now preparing for our grand opening in a few short weeks! The process so far has been easy, and I already have clients asking me about when they can join!"

- Dr. Michelle Antona-Schultz, D.O.M. Safety Harbor, FL

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